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About Laliv

When I was a young child my grandmother Mariam, who we called Savta, would make me chamomile tea at night when I would stay with her. One night I asked her why her teas tasted so good and she said because she made it with love (and honey). My Savta always found peace in her gardens and joy in the kitchen and I have learned these things from her. As a budding adult I walked into The Herb Store in Albuquerque, New Mexico and asked the woman working how could I learn the medicinal properties in plants and she soon became my first herbal teacher. The things I learned in her garden deepened my passion and grew my imagination for all I would discover on this journey. Now I find those early sips of herbal teas embedded in my memory as the foraging roots that hearkened back to my safta's teas made with love.

From starting in foundations in herbal medicine education, I went on to work for a Naturopathic doctor. Always driven to learn I left the office to work at a local herb store and gained much needed real world experience in how herbs work for people in their lives. My community came in to receive support with and how those needs changed throughout the year and their lives. I went to massage school at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics where we focused heavily on Swedish style massage along with an in-depth introduction to supportive modalities including pregnancy massage, polarity therapy, core synchronism, sports massage, acupressure, herbal medicine, living foods and nutrition, homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils, ethics, reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology, Business practices.  I graduated in the spring of 2014 and moved to Boulder, Colorado where I worked as an herbalist then the body care product production manager at Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary and Supply. This time spent amongst a community of intelligent and passionate herbalist inspired a deepening of understanding and curiosity in this journey. When with child a calling to return to New Mexico came and in the summer of 2017 I became a mother. My experience of pregnancy and birth continued my hunger for knowledge reading everything I could about the process. I was accepted as an apprentice to a local midwife and attended births for one year before coming to the decision that midwifery with young children would not give me the balance I am always seeking in my life. I went on to work as a massage therapist at Ten Thousand Waves. Always wanting more education I perused by Practitioners certification with Kinesio Tape. All of the modalities I have been introduced to weave into my process when working with my clients and I always strive to meet my clients where they are.